Anthropology and Human Genetics

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Evolution of Molecular Circuitries

  • Why are we so similar and yet so different from chimpanzees?
  • How can we use genetics to understand human brain evolution?
  • How can we use evolutionary information to understand human genetics?

These questions are the framework for our research. We approach them using mouse models, iPS cells, cancer samples and genomic technologies, in particular RNA-Sequencing.

  • Evolution ⇔ Function


    How can comparative functional genomics of primates help to inform medical and biological questions? How can one infer conservation and function of regulatory networks? more

  • Evolution of human brain size


    We investigate the role of microcephaly associated genes in the evolution of larger brains in humans and primates. more

  • Evolution of human speech and language - the role of FOXP2


    We use a mouse model humanized for the transcription factor Foxp2, the only gene so far clearly linked to speech and language development in humans. more

  • Cancer Evolution


    We have studied blood tumors in patients and patient-derived xenograft mouse models by measuring their genetic and epigenetic evolution using single-cell RNA-seq and other genomic technologies. more