Anthropology and Human Genetics

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Genomic Technologies

We tackle biological questions in the most reproducible, efficient and powerful way possible to ensure we can draw meaningful conclusions and advance our understanding of human as well as primate biology and evolution. To this end, we try to work with state of the art experimental and computational methods, which led us to compare numerous methods (Ziegenhain et al. 2017; Vieth et al. 2019) and develop our own set of tools (Bagnoli et al. 2018; Vieth et al. 2017; Parekh et al. 2018).
Our previous method development and comparison has mostly centered around single cell RNA sequencing. Our lab continues this endeavour by being a part of the Human Cell Atlas Standards and Technology Working Group Committee (Regev et al. 2017; Mereu et al. 2019). However, more recently we have expanded our toolbox beyond RNA sequencing, including techniques to assay other layers of information, such as regulation and epigenetics. Stay tuned for new and exciting tools.