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Bulk RNAseq has emerged as the standard tool to measure gene expression across many samples and conditions. However, the most widely used techniques are still rather expensive and time consuming, limiting the number of samples that can be done in a single experiment. While the field of single cell RNA-seq has exploded in recent years, many questions can still be answered by bulk RNA sequencing in a more reproducible, efficient and powerful way.
We have used a bulk version of the single cell RNAseq protocol SCRB-seq influenced by bulk SMART-seq2 in the past (refs) but set out to improve this method systematically to increase throughput and decrease costs even more. Using SPRI beads we can isolate RNA as part of the protocol enabling us to start from lysates instead of purified RNA. This eliminates one of the most time and cost intensive steps - namely RNA isolation using columns or phenol chloroform extraction - thereby increasing the throughput vastly.

bulk_seq_workflowSome of the research articles that used our Bulk-seq method: